Turkey Representative of Université Kongo


Turkey Representative of Universitei Kongo has set off with a vision which is for improving the relations between countries via moving with young, dynamic and productive brains under the name of the unity, solidarity and interlocking peace, change and development between two countries.


Accomplishing various social and scientific projects under the guidance of academicians and under the leadership of youths,

Providing support, guidance and participation of university students of both countries for a social purpose with believing the synergy created by the young brains.

Gathering solution-oriented, self-confident, entrepreneur and liable youths of two countries,

Aiming to create awareness for social responsibility and education at an international level,

Continuing to work for converting the youth’s brains energy to social benefit in order to strengthen the collaboration of two counties.

Speech of Universitei Kongo Representative

We, as the Turkey Representative of Universitei Kongo Turkey, have future- oriented structure within the collaboration of two countries, stepping with fellowship and friendship, gaining intense sharing in social, cultural and industrial areas. Till I met with Democratic Republic of Congo, I had many successes and professional experience more than 30 years .Moreover, we rapidly continue to make entrepreneur, modern and innovative investments with our partners and Atomtek Nükleer Energy A.Ş, in which I am the founder and board of director, and RM Grup, in which I am CEO, in order to provide services for trade and nuclear energy. In my first meeting with Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo, I decided to be a part of this riot of colors. The official Turkey Representative Process, which was announced officially by YOK (Council of Higher Education) and authorized by the Council of Universitei Kongo , has been also added to this decision. In accordance with these improvements, as a representative, our basic principles are based on sustainability, reliability, transparency, responsible, social and innovative comprehension.

During this journey, we will strengthen the collaboration between the countries with friendship and we will go forward all together by providing added values for students, academicians, sectors and environment in the long view.

We owe all people; who will walk together with us youths, academicians, partners, institutions, foundations and administrations, a debt of gratitude.

Best Regards

Official Turkey Representative İbrahim KUZU