Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo
President, Joseph Kabila Kabange
Capital, Kinshasa 
Population, 77.433.744.
Area, 2.344.558 km2.  

There are currently 26 provinces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Government Type: Semi-Presidential Republic ( It is selected twice for 5 years.)
There are two parliaments : Senate (108 representatives) and National Parliament (500 representatives)
The population of young and children is more than the half of total population.

As Democratic Republic of Congo is the second largest area of Africa, it has three times more than Turkey with 2,344,458 km²' areas.Democtratic Republic of Congo, which is a sub-Sahara country, is located in Equator Region. In terms of flora and wild life, it has rich varieties and natural areas. The country has total 10.730 km border; 2511 km for Angola, 233 km for Burundi, 1.577 km for Central-Africa, 2.410 km for Congo Republic, 217 km for Ruanda, 628 km for South Sudan, 459 km for Tanzania, 765 km for Uganda, 1.930 km for Zambia , also there is a 40km coastline along with the Atlantic Ocean.

The country land is covering more than %60 of Congo Region which has tropical rain forests. The highest point of the country is Margherita Peak which is 5.109 m and is the summit of the Stanley Mountain located on Ruwenzori Mountain Range. The Congo River, which is completely in the border of democratic republic of Congo and the second longest river of the Africa. with a 39.1160 m³/s water flow, It is the biggest in Africa and the second biggest in the World.


The Economical Structure of Democratic Republic of Congo Democratic

Democratic Republic of Congo, which has an important economic potential, is growing average %6 each year after 2011. The Capital Kinshasa is a trade, industry and governance center of the country with at least 10 million populations. The large part of the mine export and import of Democratic Republic of Congo is realized by Matadi Port, which is located in Sub- Congo region in west and is the most important port of the country. The main products exporting from Turkey to Democratic Republic of Congo are electronic goods, textile, medical materials, and medicine and food products. At the same time, the timber is mostly importing from Democratic Republic of Congo to Turkey.

Democratic Congo is one of the richest countries of the world with regards to natural resources. Except from diamond and gold, it has mines as coltan and uranium, which has strategic importance. Also, with regards to rivers, it has one of the largest basins in the World. The forest products create very important income. On the other hand, there is malfunction for solving the problems as poverty and epidemic illnesses due to deformity in social structure in the country. This deformity in the social structure creates a class with a high purchasing power. If we look at the public generally, although the purchasing power is very low level, there is a serious trade potential when we consider high population. In the country; diamond, gold, copper, cobalt, iron, coltan, uranium, zinc and silver are mined. More than half of the export is mainly diamond and the other mines. The infrastructure of the country was blasted at the end of internal war during 1990’s and the new full- scale investments are needed.

It will be beneficial to add companies which export and manufacture proper goods with the international standards as iron-stainless steel, food, textile, ready –made clothing, furniture, mining, chemicals, construction materials, construction, medical material, medicine, forest products and processing (lumber), automotive spare parts, machine industry, electronic goods, agro machinery and equipment’s in order to expand the market share and create new exporting opportunities.

Democratic Republic of Congo






2.344.558 km2


Joseph Kabila Kabange

Prime Minister

Samy Ntita Badibanga

Minister of Foreign Affairs

She Okitundu

Spoken languages

Fransızca, Lingala, Swahili, Kikongo ve Çiluba

(US Dollar Equivalent) 

Buying: 906,0188 FC (Congo frangi) 
Sales: 942,9992 FC (Congo Frangi)

GSMH (As Dollar)

US $ 62.87 billion

Ethnic structure

The four largest tribes, the Congo, Mongo, Luba and Mangbetu-Azande constitute about 45% of the population. The majority are congo.

Important political parties

Parti du peuple pour la Reconstruction et la Démocratie (PPRD) – İktidar Partisi, Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social (UPDS), Parti du Peuple pour la Paix et la Démocratie (PPPD), Mouvement social pour le renouveau (MSR), Mouvement de libération du Congo (MLC)

International organizations with membership

BM, African Union, East and south africa common market (COMESA), Southern africa development community (SADC).